Beacons lighting up the Farnham sky start Christmas festivities 

Following the popularity of last year’s beacons of light sky show, it is intended that eight beams of light will once again sweep across the sky from Badshot Lea, Weybourne, Upper Hale, Rowledge, Wrecclesham, The Bourne, Farnham Castle and Central Farnham until 8.30pm. Eight searchlights placed around Farnham and surrounding villages will literally bring raysContinue reading “Beacons lighting up the Farnham sky start Christmas festivities “

Application for 50 dwellings at Green Lane Farm Green Lane Badshot Lea

The appeal for the 50 homes on the land opposite the cemetery has now closed. The appeal will be decided on written submissions only, there will be no meetings. Although we made a number of comments on our objection to the original application, we felt it worth while submitting the following to the Planning Inspectorate.Continue reading “Application for 50 dwellings at Green Lane Farm Green Lane Badshot Lea”


     Constitution of Badshot Lea Community Association The Organisation shall be called the ‘Badshot Lea Community Association’, hereinafter called ‘The Association’ The aims of The Association shall be to promote the common interests of residents in the Badshot Lea Village, and immediate surroundings, and work for the benefit of all who live here. This will beContinue reading “Constitution”

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