2014 AGM Minutes

Minutes of 2014 Badshot Lea Community Association AGMWednesday 25th June 2014St. Georges Church HallBadshot Lea Welcome Letter Dear Members, Welcome to the 4th Annual General Meeting of our Association. We wish to report on the matters discussed by your committee and the progress made since out last AGM.  Many meetings have been held to discussContinue reading “2014 AGM Minutes”

2013 AGM Minutes

Minutes of AGM24th September 2013 Attendees: Approximately 60 people attended the meeting including councillor David Attfield (DA), PC Dave Woodrow, PCSO John Francis and guest speaker councillor Carole Cockburn. The full BLCA committee of Mike Probert (MP), Michael Blower (MB), Paul Allamand (PA), Gavin Lathey (GL) Allan Flavell (AF) James Hill (JH) and Cliff WattsContinue reading “2013 AGM Minutes”

Badshot Lea’s Future Survey Results Statement

Badshot Lea Community Association Survey 2013 Summary of Results In mid January the Association delivered around 670 surveys to the residents and businesses of Badshot Lea. It can still be viewed on our website http://www.badshotleacommunity.co.uk. We are very pleased to be able to report that we had exactly 200 completed surveys returned.  This in itselfContinue reading “Badshot Lea’s Future Survey Results Statement”

Core Strategy response

Please find below the response from Badshot Lea Community Association as submitted 4/10/2012 Comments on Location of Housing The distribution of the additional 967 dwellings required on selected greenfield sites is at variance with many of the policies, objectives and problems stated in the Core Strategy. 1. The  allocation of 433 additional dwellings to CranleighContinue reading “Core Strategy response”

2012 AGM Minutes

Minutes of AGM        20th June 2012 Attendees: Approximately 80 people attended the meeting including councillors Gillian Beel, Jeremy Rickets and guest speaker Carole Cockburn. The full BLCA committee of Mike Probert (MP), Michael Blower (MB), Georgina Fry (GF), Paul Allamand (PA), Gavin Lathey (GL)and Cliff Watts (CW) were also present. Apologies were received fromContinue reading “2012 AGM Minutes”

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