Beacons lighting up the Farnham sky start Christmas festivities 

Eight searchlights placed around Farnham and surrounding villages will literally bring rays of light to local residents at 5pm on 14 November, marking the beginning of local Christmas festivities.  Councillor Alan Earwaker, Lead Member for Tourism and Events says: “COVID may stop us inviting residents to the town centre to see an official Christmas lightsContinue reading “Beacons lighting up the Farnham sky start Christmas festivities “

Application for 50 dwellings at Green Lane Farm Green Lane Badshot Lea

The appeal for the 50 homes on the land opposite the cemetery has now closed. The appeal will be decided on written submissions only, there will be no meetings. Although we made a number of comments on our objection to the original application, we felt it worth while submitting the following to the Planning Inspectorate.Continue reading “Application for 50 dwellings at Green Lane Farm Green Lane Badshot Lea”

Crown Lane WA/2020/0651 Provision of 5 Bungalows

The BLCA have objected to the following planning application. Crown Lane WA/2020/0651 Provision of 5 Bungalows The site is in a remote location outside the Built Up Boundary of Badshot Lea and not identified as an approved site within the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan. The site is served by Crown Lane which is narrow and unlitContinue reading “Crown Lane WA/2020/0651 Provision of 5 Bungalows”

2018 AGM Minutes

Introduction Introduction by the chairman Cliff Watts Supported today by  Chris Storey  (CS) David Attfield (DA) Waverley Ranger Nick MacFarlane  Richard Horton from Tice’s Meadow  Apologies Brian Drew Adoption of minutes Last year’s minutes are on the website Unanimous vote to adopt Election of committee Members Michael Blower Jennifer Paterson James Hill Jenny Daniels Brian Drew John Martin PaulContinue reading “2018 AGM Minutes”


     Constitution of Badshot Lea Community Association The Organisation shall be called the ‘Badshot Lea Community Association’, hereinafter called ‘The Association’ The aims of The Association shall be to promote the common interests of residents in the Badshot Lea Village, and immediate surroundings, and work for the benefit of all who live here. This will beContinue reading “Constitution”

2017 AGM Minutes

AGM 14th September 2017 Minutes Introductions The acting chairman Cliff Watts (CW) welcomed everybody especially our SCC Councillor Stephen Spence and FTC Councillor David Attfield and Robin Crowther our guest speaker. Apologies were received from:Jenny Daniels, Jennifer Paterson, James Hill, Brian Drew, David Gill and Councillors Storey and Nabil. Adoption of 2016 MinutesThe secretary (JH)Continue reading “2017 AGM Minutes”

2016 AGM Minutes

Minutes of Badshot Lea Community Association 2016 AGM Badshot Lea Village Infants SchoolBadshot Lea19th  October 2016, 19.30 ATTENDEES• Circa 70 residents including committee• A great turnout compared to 2015 (23 residents) Welcome and Introductions (Mike Probert)• This is the 6th AGM of the BLCA Adoption of 2015 minutes• Proposed and adopted. Chairman’s CommentsHow many peopleContinue reading “2016 AGM Minutes”

BLCA objection to Little Acres planning application

BLCA objection to Little Acres planning application This is a copy of the BLCA formal objection to the application on Little Acres Nursery site as submitted to Waverley Planning Department. 1.  It is premature. Our Neighbourhood Plan is not yet complete.          2.  The site is within the Farnham/Aldershot Strategic Gap. A policy strongly supported   by theContinue reading “BLCA objection to Little Acres planning application”

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