URGENT!! Submit your Planning Objection WA/2022/01433 Lower Weybourne Lane

To help you to submit a Planning Ojection for the 144 new homes, Lower Weybourne.

Click here or Download this will allow you to copy the Template of a Planning Objection letter.

Please submit using the link below:


Planning Application:Thornfields Badshot Farm Lane

I have been asked to bring to your attention an application to extend the current travellers site situated off Farm Lane. 

Should you feel that the application is in appropriate, please comment to WBC planning using the link below:  – http://planning360.waverley.gov.uk/planning/planning-documents?SDescription=WA/2022/01528 

WA/2022/01528 Farnham Weybourne and Badshot Lea
Officer: James Kidger
Change of use of land to mixed use to provide 6 gypsy pitches for static caravans and the erection of
2 day rooms together with associated parking and landscaping.

URGENT HELP REQUIRED. Another Planning Application. 140 homes.Object the latest application. Lower Weybourne Lane.

Planning application WA/2022/01433

Bewley Homes application for 140 homes to the west of Glorney Mead, backing onto Badshot Park.

The main points are:

It does not conform with the Waverley Local Plan.

It does not conform and is contrary to the policies within the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan.

The build density and proposed layout do not fulfill the requirements of the guidance contained in the National Design Guide.

The build density and mass of buildings, including 3 story structures, is a perfect example of a development unsuited to its surroundings and contrary to the Guidelines contained in the Farnham Design Statement.

Development cannot be justified by local need. Badshot Lea has already provided over 300 homes.

The site is the last area providing a nature corridor along the length of Lower Weybourne Lane from Weybourne Road to the centre of Badshot Lea.

Please visit Waverley Planning Applications, send your Comments and Object to this application.

Click on the Link below:


Reminder: Badshot Lea Bloomers Community Garden Formal Opening Saturday 2nd April.

You are invited to the official opening of the new Badshot Lea Community Garden
on Saturday 2nd April.
Join us at the Badshot Lea Village Hall (The Kiln) on St George’s Road from 10:30 to 2pm, with the grand opening at 12:00 by the Mayor of Farnham.
Take a look around the garden, peruse our plant stall, visit our home made Cake stall and have a cup of tea.
Along with some of our volunteers, Berkshire Birds of Prey will be there with a display of
raptors – have your photo taken with an owl, chat with a willing helper,
or even the other way around! All welcome.

Urgent Important News. Green Lane Planning Application, 131 New Homes.

Help save our community from speculative development . Application WA/2022/00325 is for 131 homes along Green Lane. We have already provided 334 new homes through our Neighbourhood Plan, we do not need more! Please support our community and the Neighbourhood Plan and object NOW!!

You can register your objection via the Waverley website or simply email to: consultation.planning@waverley.gov.uk

News Update January 2022

May we wish you all a happy new year from the Badshot Lea Community Associasion Committee and Bloomers.

Badshot Lea Bloomers are planning a volunteer’s day at the village pond on Saturday 5th February starting at 10am. All welcome, so please come and join us.

There is lots to do from shrub clearing, building a log pile for wildlife, inspecting our bird boxes and hopefully planting some fruit trees. We will be providing refreshments and that includes doughnuts!

We will be opening the Badshot Lea Community garden (at the back of The Kiln) to all, from 2nd March on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s from 10.00am until 13.00pm. Come along for a coffee and chat, have a look around to see what has been happening.

With a big formal opening by the Mayor on the 2nd April. More details to follow later.

If you would like to get involved or know someone who would benefit from joining us please let us know.

Contact: info@badshotleacommunity.co.uk

Beacons lighting up the Farnham sky start Christmas festivities

Eight searchlights placed around Farnham and surrounding villages will literally bring rays of light to local residents at 5pm on 20th November, marking the beginning of local Christmas festivities. 

Following the popularity of last year’s beacons of light sky show, it is intended that eight beams of light will once again sweep across the sky from Badshot Lea, Weybourne, Upper Hale, Rowledge, Wrecclesham, The Bourne, Farnham Castle and Central Farnham until 8.30pm.

Wherever you live in Farnham or nearby villages, we hope you will be able to see at least one of our searchlights in the sky. Come out to your doorsteps to see them. 

Farnham Town Council has arranged for the beacons of light to represent the coming together of the Farnham community during 2021 and hopes for a brighter 2022. 

 During the shining of the beacons, the switching on of the Christmas lights in the town centre and surrounding neighbourhoods, will also take place.  

Information about seasonal events and activities taking place in Farnham is at www.farnham.gov.uk.   Open

Archaeological Dig in Badshot Park.

Surrey Archaeological Society visited Badshot Park, Play Area in October. They excavated three sites in the play area, this is a part of an on going fieldwork study. Their findings will be published by the Surrey Archaeological Society in due course. It is understood that will return in the new year to continue with more excavations.

Important News Flash AGM Cancelled

As a result of high and increasing level of Covid 19 in Weybourne and Badshot Lea area, it has been decided to cancel the Badshot Lea Community Association AGM on Thursday 28th October.

A full report for the year will be published on this site in due course.

We are all disappointed that for a second year we will not be meeting face to face, but if you have any issues or subjects you would like to discuss please get in contact with us.

28th October, AGM Agenda

1. Welcome and Introductions.

2. Apologies.

3. Adoption of Minutes.

4. Election of Committee.

5. Treasurers Report.

6. Farnham Infrastructure Programme.

7. Farnham Neighbourhood Plan + Developer Activity.

8. Badshot Lea Bloomers:

– Pond Restoration

– Community Garden

9. Tice’s Meadow Nature Reserve.

10. AOB.

Village Pond Working Party Saturday 9th October

Thank you to all the volunteers who came along and worked so hard helping with clearing and tidying around the Village Pond. Also finished planting bulbs at the recreation ground.

Volunteers planting bulbs at the Recreation Ground
Tidying the wild flower area
Cutting and clearing brambles around the pond viewing platform
Cutting and clearing overgrown shrubs and brambles
Cutting back undergrowth to let the light in for ground covering plants and flowers

The Village “Green” Tree Planting

Waverley Borough Council’s tree section has recently undertaken the removal of the 3 remaining poplars around The Green at Badshot Lea as well as removing the stumps of previously removed trees. As part of ongoing management of the site and the Council’s commitment to tackle climate change, we will be planting 17 replacement trees around the perimeter of the site. Please see the site plan below for the planting locations. The replacement trees, maple and lime, are indicated on the site plan as M and L. These works will be undertaken from March 29th, and are anticipated to take 4 days to complete (weather permitting).

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