Reminder: Badshot Lea Bloomers Community Garden Formal Opening Saturday 2nd April.

You are invited to the official opening of the new Badshot Lea Community Garden
on Saturday 2nd April.
Join us at the Badshot Lea Village Hall (The Kiln) on St George’s Road from 10:30 to 2pm, with the grand opening at 12:00 by the Mayor of Farnham.
Take a look around the garden, peruse our plant stall, visit our home made Cake stall and have a cup of tea.
Along with some of our volunteers, Berkshire Birds of Prey will be there with a display of
raptors – have your photo taken with an owl, chat with a willing helper,
or even the other way around! All welcome.

Urgent Important News. Green Lane Planning Application, 131 New Homes.

Help save our community from speculative development . Application WA/2022/00325 is for 131 homes along Green Lane. We have already provided 334 new homes through our Neighbourhood Plan, we do not need more! Please support our community and the Neighbourhood Plan and object NOW!!

You can register your objection via the Waverley website or simply email to:

News Update January 2022

May we wish you all a happy new year from the Badshot Lea Community Associasion Committee and Bloomers.

Badshot Lea Bloomers are planning a volunteer’s day at the village pond on Saturday 5th February starting at 10am. All welcome, so please come and join us.

There is lots to do from shrub clearing, building a log pile for wildlife, inspecting our bird boxes and hopefully planting some fruit trees. We will be providing refreshments and that includes doughnuts!

We will be opening the Badshot Lea Community garden (at the back of The Kiln) to all, from 2nd March on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s from 10.00am until 13.00pm. Come along for a coffee and chat, have a look around to see what has been happening.

With a big formal opening by the Mayor on the 2nd April. More details to follow later.

If you would like to get involved or know someone who would benefit from joining us please let us know.


Beacons lighting up the Farnham sky start Christmas festivities

Eight searchlights placed around Farnham and surrounding villages will literally bring rays of light to local residents at 5pm on 20th November, marking the beginning of local Christmas festivities. 

Following the popularity of last year’s beacons of light sky show, it is intended that eight beams of light will once again sweep across the sky from Badshot Lea, Weybourne, Upper Hale, Rowledge, Wrecclesham, The Bourne, Farnham Castle and Central Farnham until 8.30pm.

Wherever you live in Farnham or nearby villages, we hope you will be able to see at least one of our searchlights in the sky. Come out to your doorsteps to see them. 

Farnham Town Council has arranged for the beacons of light to represent the coming together of the Farnham community during 2021 and hopes for a brighter 2022. 

 During the shining of the beacons, the switching on of the Christmas lights in the town centre and surrounding neighbourhoods, will also take place.  

Information about seasonal events and activities taking place in Farnham is at   Open

Archaeological Dig in Badshot Park.

Surrey Archaeological Society visited Badshot Park, Play Area in October. They excavated three sites in the play area, this is a part of an on going fieldwork study. Their findings will be published by the Surrey Archaeological Society in due course. It is understood that will return in the new year to continue with more excavations.

Important News Flash AGM Cancelled

As a result of high and increasing level of Covid 19 in Weybourne and Badshot Lea area, it has been decided to cancel the Badshot Lea Community Association AGM on Thursday 28th October.

A full report for the year will be published on this site in due course.

We are all disappointed that for a second year we will not be meeting face to face, but if you have any issues or subjects you would like to discuss please get in contact with us.

28th October, AGM Agenda

1. Welcome and Introductions.

2. Apologies.

3. Adoption of Minutes.

4. Election of Committee.

5. Treasurers Report.

6. Farnham Infrastructure Programme.

7. Farnham Neighbourhood Plan + Developer Activity.

8. Badshot Lea Bloomers:

– Pond Restoration

– Community Garden

9. Tice’s Meadow Nature Reserve.

10. AOB.

Village Pond Working Party Saturday 9th October

Thank you to all the volunteers who came along and worked so hard helping with clearing and tidying around the Village Pond. Also finished planting bulbs at the recreation ground.

Volunteers planting bulbs at the Recreation Ground
Tidying the wild flower area
Cutting and clearing brambles around the pond viewing platform
Cutting and clearing overgrown shrubs and brambles
Cutting back undergrowth to let the light in for ground covering plants and flowers

The Village “Green” Tree Planting

Waverley Borough Council’s tree section has recently undertaken the removal of the 3 remaining poplars around The Green at Badshot Lea as well as removing the stumps of previously removed trees. As part of ongoing management of the site and the Council’s commitment to tackle climate change, we will be planting 17 replacement trees around the perimeter of the site. Please see the site plan below for the planting locations. The replacement trees, maple and lime, are indicated on the site plan as M and L. These works will be undertaken from March 29th, and are anticipated to take 4 days to complete (weather permitting).

Bewley Homes Appeal – BLCA Objection

There has been an appeal on the Bewley Homes application (WA/2019/1905), land opposite Swiftsure. The BLCA are planning to object once again, the details of which are shown below. Residents are encouraged to make their own representation with the planning inspectorate at this link.

  1. Housing Need
    The site is not supported by the Waverley Local Plan or the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan (FNP). Within the FNP the council has identified sufficient sites to accommodate the assessed need for housing during the plan period until 2032 and Badshot Lea has played its part in that process.
    Badshot Lea currently has three sites under construction providing 244 homes and another completed last summer of 69 homes. In addition, one other site has outline permission for a further 23 homes. Together they will provide 336 homes, of which 109 (32%) will be affordable. All within 800 metres of the centre of Badshot Lea and all at the expense of the green fields around our village.
    The FNP also contains another site, 250 meters from the Appeal site, that will provide up to 100 homes.
    Badshot Lea is providing a significant number of market and affordable homes. There cannot be any justification for developing this site based on local need.
  2. Cumulative Effect
    The cumulative effect of 336 additional homes, together with 600+ cars on our already congested roads, is yet to be experienced and is certain to have a detrimental impact on the everyday lives of the local community.
    We should not be adding to the problem through unplanned development.
  3. Build Density and Design
    The appellant claims There is, therefore, opportunities at later stages to consider the layout of housing and the appearance and landscaping of the scheme to enhance the overall landscape character of the area. This is entirely achievable and normal within outline applications which specify an ‘up to’ quantum of housing.
    However, it is our experience that if an outline application is granted for up to a specific number, 140 homes in this case, the applicant will expect to build to that level and the other considerations become secondary. This ensures that quantity overrides quality and results in the kind of anywhere place recently described as unacceptable by the Secretary of State. He also stated Through planning policy, every new street should be lined with trees, ensuring ready access to nature, with all the advantages to health and wellbeing that provides, for everyone.
    Considering the comments from the Secretary of State and the guidance contained in the Building for Life document, as per para 129 of the NPPF, is impossible to accept that this outline proposal will result in an acceptable built form that fulfills these objectives.
    The Sectary of State also states that In recent decades some development has acquired a bad name due to shoddy workmanship, at times outright unsafe, and the development of “anywhere” places, which have little relevance or connection to local character or identity. This would be a perfect example of an “anywhere” place, create urban sprawl, and is entirely unsuitable for Badshot Lea.
    The application is a throwback to its origins in 2013. Much has changed since then and it is evident that Place Making, good design and quality over quantity, key elements of an application in 2021, are not the guiding principles driving this proposed development.
  4. Access
    The appellant based the site access requirements on the basis that a higher-than-average flood risk existed at the main entrance and therefor a secondary emergency entrance was required. This is highly controversial locally and the secondary entrance seen as having the potential to become a rat run through Badshot Park at a later stage.
    The appellant now claims that the issue of potential flooding at the main entrance has now been resolved. Therefore, there is no justification now for a secondary entrance other than through the poor design and minimum standards of the on-site roads.
    There are much larger sites than this that function perfectly well with one entrance. The access proposals are unacceptable.
  5. Public Consultation
    Although not a direct concern of this Appeal it has a bearing on the resultant application now under consideration. The appellant refers to extensive public engagement. It is true that the local community have voiced their opinions when able to do so at the time. This included the original application, the resultant Appeal and the current application. During this time there has been absolutely no public engagement by the appellant. The last communication we had from them was immediately after their consultation in October 2013.
    They state that the Bewley Technical team have been addressing the concerns of the local community. There is absolutely no evidence of this. Had any local consultation taken place they would certainly not be submitting an application based entirely on the proposal put forward over 7 years ago.
    They have shown from the outset a complete disregard for local opinion and this is evident throughout this application.
  6. Summary
    This Appeal is largely based on the appellants claimed under performance of Waverley Borough Council. However, this is not the case and it is clear that para 14 of the NPPF applies.
    The application concerns a site within Badshot Lea, a community that has embraced the need for change and will accept a substantial amount of planned new housing. A community that has supported the formulation and adoption of the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan and now rightly expects that Plan to protect it from speculative development and ensure that this Appeal dismissed.

2020 AGM Minutes

AGM Report November 2020

Dear Residents

We have put together a report for 2020 as it is not possible to hold an AGM this year due to the Covid 19 restrictions.

Therefor the election of the Committee and Chair cannot take place but fortunately all members of the committee and the chairman are willing to continue in office for another year. They are:

Chairman: Cliff Watts

Secretary: James Hill

Treasurer: Jenny Daniels

Committee: Paul Allamand, Gemma Ball, Michael Blower, Brian Drew, Julie Flude, Sara Jones, John Martin. 

Despite the lockdowns and various restrictions for most of the time since our last AGM things have moved on. We have been involved with a range of topics and continued to work with our local councillors, the villager hall, the school, Tices Meadow and other residents` groups.

Feedback and Questions

All of the above and the reports that follow cannot give all the details around each subject, our AGM gives an opportunity for discussion but clearly that is lacking this year. So, we would be very happy to receive your thoughts or answer any questions you have on any of the topics covered. 

Treasurers Report

In October 2019, the committee agreed that the Community Association needed a Treasurers bank account to provide funds for planned community wide events and to receive any donations or payments from exterior organizations.  The bank account was successfully set up in December 2019, with 3 signatories from the committee.

Sadly, the Covid 19 restrictions have prevented any community events this year but it is envisaged that the Community Association will continue to support the Farnham in Bloom initiatives in the village and other events in 2021.

The current balance in the account is £873.40, of which £700.00 is earmarked for the defibrillator project and £173.40 funding for our website.

Neighbourhood Plan and Farnham Design Statement

We campaigned vigorously for the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan referendum in March which resulted in 95.5% of those that voted showing support for the plan. A big thank you to all that took part. We have also contributed to the updated version of the Farnham Design Statement, the publication of which has been delayed by the virus restrictions.

Bus Shelters and Lay-by

The promised bus shelters have now been provided, funded by developer contributions. Also in the plan was a pedestrian crossing (just lowered kerbs) in what we thought was a most inappropriate place. This prompted us to arrange a site meeting with Surrey Highways and as a result it was agreed to re site the crossing and provide a lay-by for the bus, all funded by the developers.

Ultimately the bus lay-by was a disappointment, we had hoped for something larger, but it is an improvement and does allow drivers to see around a stationary bus and check for oncoming traffic. We now need the real time bus information display and a much better bus service, something we will continue to demand.

Traffic Light Improvement.

All the funding necessary to complete the upgrade of the traffic lights in the village centre is now assembled from various developers. We were told in March, prior to the lockdown, that it would probably be in the work programme for the end of the year or early 2021. We are now told that some preliminary work will take place on site in December with the construction taking place next Spring. 


The government launched two major consultations on the planning system in August. We worked with other local groups, particularly South Farnham Residents, and responded to both and objected very strongly, as have many people throughout the country, to the possible reduction of local influence over planning decisions and the huge increase in the housing requirement across the borough due to the flawed algorithm used to determine housing need.

We also contacted Jeremy Hunt MP to raise our concerns, as have many others across the borough. Jeremy has highlighted the issues in parliament and held meetings with Robert Jenrick the Secretary of State for housing. Currently Mr. Jenrick is reviewing the proposals but we must wait and see if we are to be spared from some of the worst aspects of this new planning system.

Easter Egg Hunt and Village Fair

We were working with the school to support the very popular Easter Egg Hunt that starts at the school and ends at the village hall. We were also arranging the first Village Fair to be held at the village hall. Unfortunately both events had to be cancelled but we are hopeful for more success in 2021.

Farnham Infrastructure Project 

We have been taking part in the discussions for the Farnham Infrastructure Project that is looking at ways to reduce or eliminate traffic in the town centre and improve access for pedestrians and cyclists. It will be an extremely difficult thing to do without causing traffic problems elsewhere, particularly through Hale.

The consultations are continuing with no proposals coming forward yet.    


We are working with local sports groups to provide a defibrillator at the pavilion on the recreation ground. Some funding was donated by Bellway Homes that was originally given to the school for the cancelled Easter Egg Hunt. We need to seek further funding so we are ready to instal the machine when the work on the upgraded pavilion is complete.

Local Plan Part 2 (LPP2)

The consultation on Waverley`s LPP2 starts on the 27th November and runs until the 29th January.

This has been delayed due to some areas within the borough unable to agree where the required housing development should occur. This has not been an issue for Farnham as all the necessary sites for development were identified in our Neighbourhood Plan.

We will keep you up to date and informed about this consultation and will urge you to respond to any issues that we need to support or might have a detrimental impact on our community.

Developer Activity

Developer activity in and around the village is proceeding at an unprecedented pace. The following is a summary of the on-site progress and the more significant ongoing applications.

Skylark Place, St. Georges Road. This development of 69 homes is now complete with Devine Homes moving off site in late summer.

Little Acres, St. Georges Road. Bellway Homes are now two thirds of the way through the development of 94 homes and anticipate full completion of the site in April/May 2021.   

Waverley Folly, St. Georges Road. An outline application for 23 homes was allowed on appeal in December 2019, a full application is yet to come forward. It is thought that the applicant is trying to extend the development on to neighbouring land.

Green Lane Meadow off Lower Weybourne Lane. The construction of the 105 homes on the Taylor Wimpey site is under way with the first homes due for completion around June 2021.

Green Lane/Monkton Lane. This site, renowned for its poor drainage, is under construction and will provide 43 homes. Completion of construction is expected to be the summer of 2022.

Land off Lower Weybourne Lane (opposite Swiftsure). This application for 140 homes was refused by Waverley in May of this year. It is the second attempt to develop the site with the earlier application refused at appeal by the Secretary of State. It is assumed that the developers will appeal but there is no information available at this time. We objected as the site is not included in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Land off Green Lane, opposite the cemetery and currently used as a vehicle park. An application for 50 homes on the site was refused by Waverley in September 2019 and an appeal decision is pending. We objected as the site is not included in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Crown Lane. An application for 5 homes on land opposite Crown Close is currently with Waverley. We objected as the site is not included in the Neighbourhood Plan.   

Badshot Lea Bloomers report.
The Bloomers have been going for over 4years now and a lot of our work is settling into a routine, but like everybody else we have been restricted in our activities by Covid-19 this year.

We have tried to keep residence up to date with what’s going on by monthly posts on our BLCA Facebook page. Your feedback is always appreciated.

School, Church and Alleyway.
Our regular support for the school has continued throughout the year along with our planting up and maintenance of the alleyway flower beds. Cutting the Church hedges has become an annual event.

Hop Garden
This was our second year of growing hops at the Hop Kiln. The hot summer gave us some challenges and following the cancellation of Heritage Day at the Kiln we gave the hops away to the School and Church for their Harvest festival.

Litter Picking
We only managed one big litter pick this year but our regulars have carried on regardless. Big thanks to all involved.

Farnham in Bloom
Farnham in Bloom has been restricted this year with much of its competitions and activities cancelled or going virtual, but we did manage to get our crossroads planted up and some 600 daffodil bulbs donated which have been used to continue the planting around the recreation ground.

B L Pond
We have managed two very well attended volunteer days at the pond this year, in Feb and Sept. During the last two months a small group of us have prepared the embankment for wildflower plugs in the spring and planted 240 crocus bulbs under the weeping birch tree.

Waverley contractors are due to start work on several projects at the pond soon. These include a new Dipping platform, levelling of the ground at one end plus a new path and long overdue maintenance work to the reed bed.
We are working with our friends at Tices Meadow to design and build a floating nesting platform for the pond which we hope to have in place before the spring.

New Projects
We are in discussions with Surrey Highways and Farnham Town to look at ways of planting up areas of the green by the new bus stop.
We are looking into the idea of planting up the green space on Badshot Park with an apple orchard.
We would greatly value your feedback and ideas.

Tices Meadow

Our lovely local nature reserve has now been designated as an Asset of Community Value. This will give time to the local community working with various local authorities at town, borough and county level to raise funds to purchase the site as the current owners have placed it on the market. The owners have no obligation to accept a community led bid and can sell to the highest bidder if they so choose.

The Tices Meadow Bird Group have been very active within our community taking part in volunteer days and providing the very popular cameras in the owl and kestrel boxes on the village hall. We are greatly indebted to them for their contribution to our accessible open space particularly through this very challenging, covid dominated, time. 

Please check their website and sign up to support their efforts to save the site and keep it as a wonderful local asset.    

2019 AGM Minutes

Badshot Lea Community Association AGM 2019
Badshot Lea Village Infants School
24th September 2019 at 7.30pm

AGM Agenda

  1. Introduction
  2. Apologies.
  3. Adoption of Minutes
  4. Election of Committee
  5. Update of Constitution
  6. Current Developer Activity + Buses & Bus Shelters
  7. Waverley Local Plan
  8. Neighbourhood Plan (NP) + Farnham Design Statement
  9. Tices Meadow Nature Reserve
  10. Badshot Lea Bloomers + Pond Restoration + Village Fair
  11. AOB

AGM Minutes

  1. Introduction (Cliff Watts)
    Thanks for two councilors who joined us, Stephen Spence and Mark Marryweather
    It’s been a good year for the BLCA, continuing in establishing close partnerships with Tices Meadow, school etc
    Reports to follow from the Badshot Lea Bloomers and Tices Meadow
    For the first time ever, BLCA will need a bank account. There are funds available to us which we struggle to access. For transparency, we will open an account. Jenny Daniels will be treasurer for the BLCA.
  2. Apologies.
    David Attfield
    Maurice and Judy Hewins
    Jennifer Patterson
    Daniel Gee
  3. Adoption of Minutes
    They are on the website, but difficult to find. The website will be updated over the year and hopefully make things easier.
    Proposed by John, seconded Martin. Vote carried
  4. Election of Committee
    Jennifer Patterson will stand down from the committee. Thanks for all her previous efforts.
    Committee to stand for re-election
    Jenny Daniels
    Julie Flude
    Gemma Ball
    James Hill
    John Martin
    Paul Allamand
    Proposed John, seconded Dennis
    Sara Jones will join committee. Proposed Gemma Ball. Seconded John Martin.
  5. Update of Constitution
    Intention is to update the BLCA constitution. Current constitution requires that the AGM was required in April / May – will be updated to not later than the end of October. Proposed Brian Drew, seconded Paul Allamand
  6. Current Developer Activity + Buses & Bus Shelters
    Four large sites have planning permission (311 new homes in total)
    Awaiting decision
    Opposite kiln/village hall , at appeal due to access issues.
    Field opposite cemetery for 50 homes. JPC tomorrow. Recommended by Waverley planning. Not supported by NP. BLCA will attend to object. Farnham have adequate supply of sites, so not required.
    NP is with inspectorate for update review.
    New rules required a referendum for changes to NP.
    Developers not currently part of NP are objecting. Waverley are looking to defend the NP.
    Hope is that Inspectorate will agree with plan.
    If Inspectorate goes against NP, potential to be damaging, particularly for Badshot Lea.
    Waverley Council are expected to defend the NP (Mark Merryweather, Waverley Councillor).
    Fear is that neighbouring fields are being approved based on WBC expecting to lose at appeal.
    NP provided for 2030 homes by 2032. Waverley was due to take 1200 homes unmet in Woking – Farnham had to take 450 of these. Since this changes site allocations, NP must go back to referendum. BLCA will urge people to support the NP once the referendum comes along.
    Badshot Lea has 540 homes at last census. BLCA are happy to support sites in NP, but not sites outside of the NP, which contains sites identified in our survey of 2013.
    Additional 330 home equates to ~ 600 cars, but we can’t object against number of cars.
    Land West of Green Lane – 105 homes. BLCA objected on density, parking etc.
    Dunsfold – 1800 homes outline planning. Main obstacle is highways. SCC Highways say they do not dimension roads to peak traffic.
    Bewley (opposite swiftsure). Inspectors consented to this, but called in by secretary of state. In this case, SoS went against examiners and threw this out. It could come back though.

Bus shelter, with another to come. Layby to be built for buses. No changes to the bus service.
Crossing planned near garden centre.
Contributions for pedestrian controlled traffic lights. All the money is now in place. Will not be in 19/20 financial year. Expect mid 2020 when works start. Not a priority as no reported accidents.
20mph limits. Rejected previously.

  1. Waverley Local Plan
    Adopted part 1.
    Part 2 site allocation – Waverley stated Farnham covered by NP, so no timetable in place. Strategic gap policy from early 90s, but this is now restricted to blackwater river / Tices Meadow area. Can’t be built on anyway due to flood plain.
  2. Neighbourhood Plan + Farnham Design Statement
    Design statement is from 2010
    Gemma, Julie and Cliff attended launch of update process at the town council.
    BLCA will send out current version and request what you would like to see updated, added or removed.
  3. Tices Meadow Nature Reserve
    Richard Horton
    86 species of birds seen this year. 193 overall. Remarkable for an inland site. But its also about reptiles and insects.
    Sale of the site – no news to be shared. Group have meeting with Hansons, Surrey CC and Blackwater valley trust, so might become clearer.
    Clearing stream as part of national river week. Includes moth identification and night walks.
    Accessible path from blackwater path, leading to the main path to give wheelchair access. Future will be for access to the mound.
    New hide ready to be lifted into position.
    Moth night on Thursday, weather dependent
    Meeting with Police. No significant issues, but want to nip in the bud what little issues there are.
  4. Badshot Lea Bloomers (BLB) + Pond Restoration + Village Fair
    Praise for FTC. Farnham in bloom will be 30 years next year. FTC have fronted and supported this. Cemetery got a gold medal in Farnham In Bloom (FIB).
    BLB planted throughout town (40,000 plants) in 2019.
    Gold FIB with Badshot Lea School.
    Litter picks. Next is 19th October.
    Hedge trimming around crossroads.
    Rankin close alley way has had a lot of progress
    Work around the crossroads to tidy up
    Bulb planting throughout village. FTC offered to supply bulbs. Will replant along the recreation ground.
    Hop garden – first outing this year at Farnham Heritage Open Day. Worked with Hogs Back Brewery and Hamptons Estates to help. Hop growing is important part of the history of Badshot Lea. Involving schools and Farnham museum.
    Waverley contractors dug up to try to resolve leakage on to footpath and road. Couldn’t link up with drains. Dug out to fit a soakaway to discover the pond wasn’t the source. Leak still there, but not leaking onto road.
    Embankment from works. Plan to wildflower it (~ £2k) which is donated via Bellway.
    Meeting upcoming with Waverley to look at a management plan for the pond. Suggestions that the platform will be fixed as part of this.
    Next volunteer day on Saturday 5th October.
    Stump in village, between entrance to Badshot Park and Pine Close – tree removed as diseased. Stump will go at some stage. BLB looking at turning into a sculpture.
    Land in Badshot Park. Surrounded by houses and unused, so no plan to do anything with it.
    Gemma Ball
    Thanks to BLB who put so much effort in at the school
    Easter egg hunt, light switch on, fair.
    What else goes on in the village? There is lots that no-one knows about. Proposal from John Martin for a community fair.
    17th May at the Kiln. It is free!! Showcase for sports groups, stalls, demonstrations. Request for everyone to find people interested. Refreshments funded by developers.
    List of events for this year available. Christmas light switch on in November.
  5. AOB
    FTC has been very supportive of Badshot Lea.
    Section 106 money – developers have to pay to local authority. Being replaced by community infrastructure levy.
    Thanks from David Gill for the community efforts.
    Footpaths – reminder maps for local footpaths. Maurice Hewins does the Farnham Walk The Paths walk currently. Will aim to run a series of walks around Badshot Lea.
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