2019 AGM Minutes

Badshot Lea Community Association AGM 2019
Badshot Lea Village Infants School
24th September 2019 at 7.30pm

AGM Agenda

  1. Introduction
  2. Apologies.
  3. Adoption of Minutes
  4. Election of Committee
  5. Update of Constitution
  6. Current Developer Activity + Buses & Bus Shelters
  7. Waverley Local Plan
  8. Neighbourhood Plan (NP) + Farnham Design Statement
  9. Tices Meadow Nature Reserve
  10. Badshot Lea Bloomers + Pond Restoration + Village Fair
  11. AOB

AGM Minutes

  1. Introduction (Cliff Watts)
    Thanks for two councilors who joined us, Stephen Spence and Mark Marryweather
    It’s been a good year for the BLCA, continuing in establishing close partnerships with Tices Meadow, school etc
    Reports to follow from the Badshot Lea Bloomers and Tices Meadow
    For the first time ever, BLCA will need a bank account. There are funds available to us which we struggle to access. For transparency, we will open an account. Jenny Daniels will be treasurer for the BLCA.
  2. Apologies.
    David Attfield
    Maurice and Judy Hewins
    Jennifer Patterson
    Daniel Gee
  3. Adoption of Minutes
    They are on the website, but difficult to find. The website will be updated over the year and hopefully make things easier.
    Proposed by John, seconded Martin. Vote carried
  4. Election of Committee
    Jennifer Patterson will stand down from the committee. Thanks for all her previous efforts.
    Committee to stand for re-election
    Jenny Daniels
    Julie Flude
    Gemma Ball
    James Hill
    John Martin
    Paul Allamand
    Proposed John, seconded Dennis
    Sara Jones will join committee. Proposed Gemma Ball. Seconded John Martin.
  5. Update of Constitution
    Intention is to update the BLCA constitution. Current constitution requires that the AGM was required in April / May – will be updated to not later than the end of October. Proposed Brian Drew, seconded Paul Allamand
  6. Current Developer Activity + Buses & Bus Shelters
    Four large sites have planning permission (311 new homes in total)
    Awaiting decision
    Opposite kiln/village hall , at appeal due to access issues.
    Field opposite cemetery for 50 homes. JPC tomorrow. Recommended by Waverley planning. Not supported by NP. BLCA will attend to object. Farnham have adequate supply of sites, so not required.
    NP is with inspectorate for update review.
    New rules required a referendum for changes to NP.
    Developers not currently part of NP are objecting. Waverley are looking to defend the NP.
    Hope is that Inspectorate will agree with plan.
    If Inspectorate goes against NP, potential to be damaging, particularly for Badshot Lea.
    Waverley Council are expected to defend the NP (Mark Merryweather, Waverley Councillor).
    Fear is that neighbouring fields are being approved based on WBC expecting to lose at appeal.
    NP provided for 2030 homes by 2032. Waverley was due to take 1200 homes unmet in Woking – Farnham had to take 450 of these. Since this changes site allocations, NP must go back to referendum. BLCA will urge people to support the NP once the referendum comes along.
    Badshot Lea has 540 homes at last census. BLCA are happy to support sites in NP, but not sites outside of the NP, which contains sites identified in our survey of 2013.
    Additional 330 home equates to ~ 600 cars, but we can’t object against number of cars.
    Land West of Green Lane – 105 homes. BLCA objected on density, parking etc.
    Dunsfold – 1800 homes outline planning. Main obstacle is highways. SCC Highways say they do not dimension roads to peak traffic.
    Bewley (opposite swiftsure). Inspectors consented to this, but called in by secretary of state. In this case, SoS went against examiners and threw this out. It could come back though.

Bus shelter, with another to come. Layby to be built for buses. No changes to the bus service.
Crossing planned near garden centre.
Contributions for pedestrian controlled traffic lights. All the money is now in place. Will not be in 19/20 financial year. Expect mid 2020 when works start. Not a priority as no reported accidents.
20mph limits. Rejected previously.

  1. Waverley Local Plan
    Adopted part 1.
    Part 2 site allocation – Waverley stated Farnham covered by NP, so no timetable in place. Strategic gap policy from early 90s, but this is now restricted to blackwater river / Tices Meadow area. Can’t be built on anyway due to flood plain.
  2. Neighbourhood Plan + Farnham Design Statement
    Design statement is from 2010
    Gemma, Julie and Cliff attended launch of update process at the town council.
    BLCA will send out current version and request what you would like to see updated, added or removed.
  3. Tices Meadow Nature Reserve
    Richard Horton
    86 species of birds seen this year. 193 overall. Remarkable for an inland site. But its also about reptiles and insects.
    Sale of the site – no news to be shared. Group have meeting with Hansons, Surrey CC and Blackwater valley trust, so might become clearer.
    Clearing stream as part of national river week. Includes moth identification and night walks.
    Accessible path from blackwater path, leading to the main path to give wheelchair access. Future will be for access to the mound.
    New hide ready to be lifted into position.
    Moth night on Thursday, weather dependent
    Meeting with Police. No significant issues, but want to nip in the bud what little issues there are.
  4. Badshot Lea Bloomers (BLB) + Pond Restoration + Village Fair
    Praise for FTC. Farnham in bloom will be 30 years next year. FTC have fronted and supported this. Cemetery got a gold medal in Farnham In Bloom (FIB).
    BLB planted throughout town (40,000 plants) in 2019.
    Gold FIB with Badshot Lea School.
    Litter picks. Next is 19th October.
    Hedge trimming around crossroads.
    Rankin close alley way has had a lot of progress
    Work around the crossroads to tidy up
    Bulb planting throughout village. FTC offered to supply bulbs. Will replant along the recreation ground.
    Hop garden – first outing this year at Farnham Heritage Open Day. Worked with Hogs Back Brewery and Hamptons Estates to help. Hop growing is important part of the history of Badshot Lea. Involving schools and Farnham museum.
    Waverley contractors dug up to try to resolve leakage on to footpath and road. Couldn’t link up with drains. Dug out to fit a soakaway to discover the pond wasn’t the source. Leak still there, but not leaking onto road.
    Embankment from works. Plan to wildflower it (~ £2k) which is donated via Bellway.
    Meeting upcoming with Waverley to look at a management plan for the pond. Suggestions that the platform will be fixed as part of this.
    Next volunteer day on Saturday 5th October.
    Stump in village, between entrance to Badshot Park and Pine Close – tree removed as diseased. Stump will go at some stage. BLB looking at turning into a sculpture.
    Land in Badshot Park. Surrounded by houses and unused, so no plan to do anything with it.
    Gemma Ball
    Thanks to BLB who put so much effort in at the school
    Easter egg hunt, light switch on, fair.
    What else goes on in the village? There is lots that no-one knows about. Proposal from John Martin for a community fair.
    17th May at the Kiln. It is free!! Showcase for sports groups, stalls, demonstrations. Request for everyone to find people interested. Refreshments funded by developers.
    List of events for this year available. Christmas light switch on in November.
  5. AOB
    FTC has been very supportive of Badshot Lea.
    Section 106 money – developers have to pay to local authority. Being replaced by community infrastructure levy.
    Thanks from David Gill for the community efforts.
    Footpaths – reminder maps for local footpaths. Maurice Hewins does the Farnham Walk The Paths walk currently. Will aim to run a series of walks around Badshot Lea.
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