Application for 50 dwellings at Green Lane Farm Green Lane Badshot Lea

The appeal for the 50 homes on the land opposite the cemetery has now closed. The appeal will be decided on written submissions only, there will be no meetings.

Although we made a number of comments on our objection to the original application, we felt it worth while submitting the following to the Planning Inspectorate.

Waverley and Farnham Councils have both sent objections largely based on the FNP and we hope this local/community view will add weight to the argument.

APP/R3650/W/20/3249930 – (Waverley WA/2018/2196)

Application for 50 dwellings at Green Lane Farm Green Lane Badshot Lea

Our community has worked hard to ensure that the provision of new housing in Badshot Lea was accepted as a necessary and positive step. We have been proactive throughout the development of the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan and helped to identify where new development should and should not go.

This site is not supported by the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan (FNP)and does not form part of the Waverley BC Development Plan. The FNP has identified more than sufficient sites to accommodate the Objectively Assessed Need (OAS) for housing for the period of the plan until 2032. Development of this site is entirely unnecessary.

Badshot Lea and its immediate area is already set to grow by an additional 437 homes, with 334 on 5 sites already given full permission.

Development should be plan led. We have a plan and this site is not part of it.

The appeal should be dismissed.

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