Crown Lane WA/2020/0651 Provision of 5 Bungalows

The BLCA have objected to the following planning application.

Crown Lane WA/2020/0651 Provision of 5 Bungalows

The site is in a remote location outside the Built Up Boundary of Badshot Lea and not identified as an approved site within the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan.

The site is served by Crown Lane which is narrow and unlit and very poorly drained over a significant portion. Any proposal that increases traffic should be resisted. There are currently 5 homes in Crown Close therefor this development would double the number of residences along that section of Crown Lane and significantly increase the traffic.

The lane itself is becoming an increasingly important part of the local cycle network and for approximately one third of its length it is so narrow that it is impossible for a car and a cyclist to pass.

The proposal emphasizes its objective of providing bungalows for retired people wanting to downsize. The location of the site is entirely inappropriate to fulfill that role. Its detachment from the rest of the village and the severe limitations of Crown Lane mean that pedestrian access is limited at best and highly dangerous after dark. Therefore the site cannot be seen as user friendly and is unsustainable as virtually all movement will be by car.

The FNP has identified a number of sites in and around Badshot Lea for over 300 homes with around 250 currently under construction or already completed, there is no justification for more. If bungalows are a necessity they should be provided within the approved sites.


– The site is not supported by the Neighbourhood Plan.

– It is outside the Built Up Urban Boundary.

– Access to the site is limited and potentially dangerous.

– It is an unsustainable location.

– There is sufficient provision of new housing already identified.

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