2018 AGM Minutes


  • Introduction by the chairman Cliff Watts

Supported today by 

  • Chris Storey  (CS)
  • David Attfield (DA)
  • Waverley Ranger Nick MacFarlane 
  • Richard Horton from Tice’s Meadow 


  • Brian Drew

Adoption of minutes

  • Last year’s minutes are on the website
  • Unanimous vote to adopt

Election of committee Members

  • Michael Blower
  • Jennifer Paterson
  • James Hill
  • Jenny Daniels
  • Brian Drew
  • John Martin
  • Paul Allamand
  • Julie Flude
  • Election
  • Proposed Margaret
  • Seconded Ian
  • New member – Gemma Ball, headteacher of Badshot Lea Village Infants school
  • Proposed Maurice Hewins
  • Seconded Michael Blower

Pond Restoration

  • Ranger Nick MacFarlane
  • Leak is main issue
  • Who pays remains big issue
  • Belongs to Waverley Borough Council, but highways etc drain into it so contributions sought
  • Capital bid by Nick to resolve issue.
  • First proposal was bore hole to dissipate in porous geology but was rejected by environment agency due to risk of filling under heavy rainfall
  • Updated proposal is on display at the AGM
  • Reinstatement of reed bed
  • Gabians
  • Capital project has been approved
  • Target is before Christmas but needs to go to closed tender first
  • Maurice Hewins commented on old drain under roadway. Highways refused access to drain into main drainage.
  • Question over village flooding risk with further development
  • Drainage should be taken into account during planning process
  • Dipping platform would be through S106 funding, so looking at next financial year.

Current developer activity

  • Cliff Watts
  • Waverley Local Plan adopted – Legal challenge ongoing
  • Neighbourhood plan adopted
  • Strategic Gap reduced to almost nothing
  • Neighbourhood plan aims to stop coalescence
  • Bewley Homes site opposite swift sure rejected at appeal due to neighbourhood plan
  • Two sites currently under construction
  • 160 homes by Squires
  • 23 at Waverley Folly – Decision due by 8th November – Expected to go ahead
  • Green lane – two sites given consent, 151 homes
  • BLCA objected but knew they would happen due to NPBLCA pushing for extra parking on any development. Green Lane site didn’t meet minimum standards.
  • Little addition near rec – persuaded Devine to add an additional 15 spaces but likely used by residents due to lack of parking on new estate
  • 337 home around Badshot Lea which are within neighbourhood plan
  • Developer ContributionsBellway total is ~ £900,000
  • Devine contribution (75k) goes to traffic light improvements including some money from Bellway – expect middle of 2019
  • Design work complete, Feasibility study still to be completed
  • Two new bus stops and a bus shelter with real time information
  • Shelter and stop to be opposite Beech Tree Drive
  • BLCA will start campaign for better bus service
  • Upgrade of Carpenters Path (FP112) to be permeable path and lighting – lighting type under discussion.
  • Cycle way between Aldershot and Farnham station 
  • Bellway 30k pond improvements
  • Tree planting on green
  • Drainage of rec
  • Improvement of changing facilities at rec (£51k)
  • Uncontrolled pedestrian crossing and refuge near squires
  • NP consultation for review ongoing
  • All responses and updates back to Waverley before end Nov. Once this is done, NP holds more weight
  • Question from Michael Blower – how to improve junction of St Georges road onto old A31.  Highways have rejected this as it was considered previously
  • Shepherd and Flock – New lane to be added to improve junction
  • Question regarding letter in herald – Chaiman did not feel discussion was appropriate.
  • David AttfieldIf issues with traffic to sites, key DA or CS know
  • Working to improve contractors access through village
  • Reverse bleepers – stopped on Devine site
  • Developers shouldn’t be starting before 8am
  • Bellway Homes – showhome is at Squires end. CS confirmed no vehicle access from squires end permitted in plan. Likely pedestrian access only.

Tices Meadow

  • Richard Horton from Tice’s Meadow bird group
  • Increase numbers using site
  • Shelters completed with information boards to come
  • Swift tower in middle of field completed for 11 swifts to nest
  • Boxes added to church
  • Barn owl boxes on village hall
  • Bird feeding station proving popular
  • Seating place around site
  • Cubs, scouts and DoE building insect sites
  • National award for Tice’s Meadow – second place across country
  • Projects for 2019
  • Bird hide near waters edge, allowing disabled access
  • Work on reed beds improvement
  • Sand Martin bank
  • Nest boxes for school – aim to give everyone in the school one to take home.Will be in Waverley design awards

Badshot Lea Bloomers

  • Amount of community involvement between BLCA, tices meadow, Bloomers and Kiln village hall is fantastic
  • Three litter picks over year
  • Small team doing this year round
  • Aim to replace litter bins in the village
  • Involvement with school
  • Three regular volunteers working with school
  • Won gold in Farnham in bloom
  • Won best school in area
  • Alley – Rankin Way Close and Badshot Park alley planted, improved and maintained.
  • Bulb planting around entrances to village
  • Squires running campaign (love where you live) % of bulbs sold would be donated
  • Squires arrived with 10,000 bulbs.  Some given away to other community groups
  • Pond – A couple of sessions over last year
  • Little could be done over summer as ranger couldn’t support
  • Volunteer days on 24th November and early next year
  • Notice Board – Farnham town council funded
  • We have access to half of the board
  • Farnham in Bloom – Badshot Lea and Tices meadow feature heavily in Farnham in Bloom presentation video
  • Working with tices meadow and hop kiln to try and grow hops on site


  • Heritage Open Day – About 50 people visited kiln to see restored hop drying room
  • Heritage open day celebration to take place at Kiln
  • Graffiti on roadside telephone boxes – DA will follow up
  • Estate agent boards – Must be attached to related properties, not on street furniture
  • PCSO – Little visibility.  Two PCSOs visited school and are coming in to talk to the children.  They are trying to have more community involvement
  • School lights switch on Monday 19th November.  This is a community event, not a school event

Attendance – Approximately 60 people

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