2016 AGM Minutes

Minutes of Badshot Lea Community Association 2016 AGM

Badshot Lea Village Infants School
Badshot Lea
19th  October 2016, 19.30

• Circa 70 residents including committee
• A great turnout compared to 2015 (23 residents)

Welcome and Introductions (Mike Probert)
• This is the 6th AGM of the BLCA

Adoption of 2015 minutes
• Proposed and adopted.

Chairman’s Comments
How many people don’t have access to the internet?  No one said they didn’t have access.
All information is added to the website and when necessary, sent out over e-mail
Thanks to the school and governors for allowing us to use the school hall.

Election of committee
• Michael Probert (Chair)
• Julie Flude
• Jenny Daniels (Deputy chair)
• Jennifer Paterson
• Michael Blower
• Paul Allamand
• James Hill (Secretary)
• Cliff Watts.

New member :: John Martin.  Proposed by Cliff.  Seconded by David Attfield.
Badshot Park, lived here since 1977.  Involved with litter picking, Farnham in bloom, pond.  Wants to be a positive influence on the village, rather than focused on the negatives of housing development.
Voted in unanimously

Development in Badshot Lea
Little Acres Application passed
Following morning emails re the planning event.  It seems a constant stream of applications
Land Availability Assessment published by Waverley in 2010 suggested there was room for 940 houses around Badshot Lea.  This was the spark for the BLCA to be set up

5 major applications

3 refused by Waverley, 2 refused at appeal.  Ones that have gone through are less contentious (e.g. opposite kiln the numbers were reduced)

Little acres application for 99 which we didn’t like.  Withdrawn and reapplied for 80.  Outline planning approval granted, expect them to come back to talk to BLCA.  Planned to build up to the rec boundary, which we opposed and resulted in the reduction of properties.
We cannot stop the development around Badshot lea, but we can influence and reduce what is being built.

Planning Event
Very frustrating what their “vision” is.  The presentation was poor, they refused to answer questions or engage in debate.  Example, hotel location is on land fill which can’t be used for circa 30 years.  They are targeting a planning application for 350 homes in spring next year.

119 off green lane ongoing.

Little acres

Opposite cemetery.  65 properties, has just been refused.  Expect it to go to appeal.

Jan 2013 survey ::  Majority view was not wanting any development.  Practical view generally accepted that we would not be able to stop all development.  Southern side was the least contentious for growth. 

Local plan is the plan for the next 15 years – the development is not immediate.

Animal Sanctuary :: People complained about them feed pigeons previously.  We raised this with the sanctuary and they agreed to stop (but didn’t).  Land was used for 23 years rent free, the landowner now wants them to go, but they have refused.  Do good work, but haven’t been helpful to the community.  The BLCA haven’t stepped in to fight their cause.

Neighbourhood plan :: Worked with Waverley and FTC.  Pushed that Waverley do not dump on Badshot Lea when there is a lot of available land around.  NP consultation complete – most responses were favourable.  25/11 – 1 day hearing by government examiner to tests if NP ready for adoption.  If so, there will be referendum.  Please say YES – without it we are open to speculative planning applications.

Local plan – ongoing to be adopted next year and become planning policy.

Bewley Homes opposite Swiftsure – 140 homes, horrible design
1 day enquiry, Turned down.
Appeal in May

Inspector was informed that this site is not in the NP.  Called in by Sec of State for a public enquiry on 6th December – expect an answer after a couple of months.  Case for developer is that there is not enough housing in the Local Plan.

Strategic Gap :: Stop Aldershot and Farnham merging.  The LP doesn’t clearly define the size of this gap.  15th November, meeting with head of planning.  Will raise what is happening with the strategic gap.

Opposite community centre

How long to reach building stage of little acres? 
Tices Field went through in August 2015.  BLCA met with developer and came to a good plan.  Plan submitted, and Waverley rejected.  Wants developer to start the detailed plan again.

Total of £350k payment from Developer for improvements.  Will not be directed at BL specifically.

Are Waverley duty bound to take notice of NP / LP?
BLCA are raising this with Waverley.  They need to stick to the plan that they are trying to get adopted, we have indications that Waverley agree with this.

NP referendum
Waverley will have to do this, funded by Government.  When is unknown.  Need to hear back from inspector first.  It will have to happen, hope if Feb / March next year, but TBC..
Referendum is 50% of those who vote.

David Attfield stresses that we need to support the NP.  Developers want it to fail as they will be able to put speculative applications.  Expressed thanks to Cliff Watts for all his hard work.

Talk about number of houses
No talk about amenities etc.  This is the case.

3750 houses in Aldershot, 400 in Ash, Bourne development.
1000 houses this  side of Guildford.
350 houses on St Georges Road – where would they go to school?  Infant School couldn’t accommodate that many properties.
Struggle to get discussion on amenities / roads.

Dunsfold – application for 1800 houses.  Big issue is traffic.  Highways have been consulted – their statements are that roads are not dimensioned for peak hour traffic if functions OK for most of day.  Also, if it is too bad, people will change lifestyles / adopt.
If we object to a proposed plan, can you object the second time with the same reasons.  Yes – but you need a planning reason.  Schools and traffic is not a valid argument.  All services are consulted with an application, and they have to comment if they can cope (e.g. sewage).  However, this infrastructure must be supported if not adequate.

David Attfield – SCC have not made improvements for highways, drainage hasn’t been improved.  Other services have been improved.

Website and Funding
245 subscribers to e-mail circulation
Website funding through Farnham Society
Recommend people subscribe to the BLCA facebook page.
Local History Books
2 books on website

Maurice and Judy to send through 3rd book.

Maurive and Judy Hewins have made available an excellent book on the residents of Badshot Lea who were killed during the war (names appear on the war memorial outside BLVIS).  This will be made available on the BLCA website before Remembrance Sunday this year.

Litter Pick
Litter pick in May this year.
John Martin :: How can we help this village?  Litter has got worse.  There is a twice a year litter pick.  Through Farnahm in Bloom, requests for local litter picks.  John and 6 other residents divided BL and litter pick regularly.  There are now 35 people doing this across Farnham.
BLVIS received three awards from Farnham in Bloom

Pond is currently being dredged, couldn’t be seen from road etc.  Tesco donated £8000 for work, rest is funded by Waverley.  Once complete, we will not get assistance from Waverley for a while with the pond.  Waverley and Farnham have donated / offered 1000 bulbs to residents for planting throughout the village.  Likely to be planted on 3rd November.
Badshot Lea Bloomers group to litter pick, plant bulbs, maintain pond etc.

David Attfield – thanks to John for what he and the group are doing.  Farnahm litter pick is this Saturday, Badshot Lea litter pick will be at a later date.  All these activities are covered by FTC insurance.

Nature Reserve
155 acres, 2/3rds lake.  This year, 144 species of birds spotted.
Woodchips laid to keep the paths open across the year.
Documenting butterflies, moths etc. 
Local Site of Special Scientific Interest

Green Lane Farm – what’s going on with all the cars parked there?  Planning application in for farmhouse – there is a mobile home / bungalow that has been installed this week.  There is nothing in the planning application for a bungalow.  We believe the land is rented to a second hand car dealer.  Mike Probert will look into it.

St Georges road mobile home – disappeared and has reappeared.  It’s a bigger home.  This is a legally constructed property and is a good neighbour to the Kiln.

Tom Clayton-Shepherd :: Local resident, children at William Cobbett, BLVIS.  Big issue is parking and crossings.  St Georges church have closed their car park to residents, which is clearly their option.  Church is running at a deficit, and made a plea for £4000 for a new boiler.  Residents are proposing that they want some overnight parking.  TCS has been in discussion with Alan Crawley.  Church wants to increase bookings.  Residents are offering to pay for parking and permit – only Thursday nights have a large use of the car park. They will not be there on Sundays / Thursdays, and for events (e.g. Funerals), 3 days notice to vacate the car park.  It’s a facility that can benefit the community and the church.  Mike Probert will follow up with the church.

Low Lane one way  – there have been previous discussions on this, or sleeping policemen etc. 
BLCA have investigated, and will re-raise this with highways. 
This was discussed and raised during the site meeting for the Low Lane planning application.  We requested that improvements be made with the developer funding, but highways were not interested in improvements along the lane.
Can’t put speed humps in because of lighting.  Would increase the issues at the crossroads.
Some proposals previously made by SCC.  Residents opposed all options at the time.

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