BLCA objection to Little Acres planning application

BLCA objection to Little Acres planning application

This is a copy of the BLCA formal objection to the application on Little Acres Nursery site as submitted to Waverley Planning Department.

1.  It is premature. Our Neighbourhood Plan is not yet complete.
2.  The site is within the Farnham/Aldershot Strategic Gap. A policy strongly supported   by the neighbouring Borough of Rushmoor. Policy CS1.5, when referring to the Strategic Gap, calls for:
                        1. Measures to enhance the landscape and the conservation of wildlife sites.
                        2. Improved public footpaths and bridleways for informal recreation.
This proposal will not `enhance the landscape` and part of it is shown to be across public footpath 112.

3.  The planned development of 400 dwellings in Ash and 4700 dwellings in Aldershot, all within a 1.5  to 2 mile radius of the site, requires a detailed cross border strategy for this area as demanded by para 179    of the NPPF.

4.  The site is within the 5 Km Thames Basin SPA.

5.  There are no proposals for mitigation (SANGS).

6.  It is a `green field` site. It should not be considered whilst there are `brown field` sites in the area.

7.  The village school is already over subscribed making any development at odds with NPPF para. 72 on provision of school places.

8. Policy CS1 states:`There will be limited releases of land on the edge of the main settlements and outside the Green Belt, AONB and AGLV`. These areas will be indentified in the Site Allocations DPD. Again, this is premature as this document currently does not exist.

9. Some of the proposed buildings are 3 stories. This is inappropriate for a rural site.

10. Surface water drainage, although possibly sufficient on the site, could have a negative impact on adjacent sites.

11. The mix of affordable and market housing, flats, student accommodation, retail and restaurant is too much for a site of this size and its village environment. 

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