2015 AGM Minutes

Minutes of Badshot Lea Community Association 2015 AGM
St. Georges Church Hall
Badshot Lea
23rd September 2015, 19.30

• 23 residents including committee, Jeremy Rickets, Denise Le Gal, David Attfield
• A poor turnout compared to previous years (less than half 2014)

Welcome and Introductions (Mike Probert)
• This is the 5th AGM of the BLCA

Apologies (MP)
• Apologies from Margaret Dyer, Maurice and Judy Hewins, Alan Flavell, Emma Fox and Jennifer & Peter Paterson

Adoption of 2014 minutes
• Proposed and adopted.

Chairman’s Comments
• MP thanked the committee for their efforts in not allowing development throughout the village and stressed that the BLCA were against greenfield development but accept that some housing demand will need to be met in Badshot Lea.
• BLCA has been actively talking to developers in an attempt to get better developments for the village.
• James Hill has taken on the role of secretary and website admin.

Election of committee (Mike)
• Current members all re-elected

  • Cliff Watts
  • Michael Blower
  • Paul Allamand
  • Jenny Daniels
  • Julie Flude
  • James Hill

Departing members

  • Gavin Lathey
  • Emma Fox
  • Alan Flavell

New Deputy Chairperson

  • Jenny Daniels

New members standing

  • Jennifer Paterson :: ELECTED

Developments in Badshot Lea

Huge amount of change since last AGM

4 significant applications, all greenfield and all opposed by the BLCA

Low Lane

  • 30 homes
  • Opposed on being in flood zone 2 and rat run.
  • They did not approach the BLCA
  • BLCA are not actively approaching developers, but where they approach, we will respond.
  • Rejected unanimously by councilors even though planning officers had recommended the application.
  • They have another few months to appeal – BLCA expect them to do this.

Bewley Homes (opposite swiftsure)

  • Held up with flood risk assessment
  • 240 objections to the application, mainly over traffic and overcrowded development.
  • Hint of opening the road into Badshot Park was met with opposition
  • BLCA spoke against this at the JPC
  • It was rejected, but not unanimous
  • Bewley will appeal this application
  • Possible public enquiry in February

Tices Field

  • 29 objections
  • BLCA has met the application for discussion
  • BLCA spoke against this at the JPC.
  • Partly in flood zone 2, therefore the developer removed that part of the site from development.
  • This is an opportunity to grow the recreation ground.  Debate at the JPC was around netting around the recreation ground.  BLCA suggested maybe they shouldn’t build there then!!
  • Outline application has been approved by the JPC
  • Number of houses has been reduced.
  • Council asked the developer to remove the car parking that we had requested for the recreation ground.
  • The developer has been told that they must continue to work with BLCA.  We will try to reduce the impact as much as possible

Little Acres

  • Includes land up to garden centre
  • Suggested 99 homes
  • Developer sent the plans to BLCA and we objected to the style / layout properties.
  • Application was withdrawn, but a new application will be made with circa 80 homes.

Progress of Neighbourhood Plan

  • BLCA has been working with Farnham Town Council on this for 2 years
  • BLCA used the survey result to show where the least contentious areas for development.
  • Other areas around Farnham aren’t doing similar – especially where they only have a single area to develop.
  • 4 sites on the NP around Badshot  – Little Acres and Tices Field in Badshot Lea.  Land west of Green Lane, and electricity company site off of Green Lane on our border.
  • NP has gone through several iterations
  • Undergoing an update before sending to Waverley for approval then on to referendum.
  • Being held up by SANG (Suitable Alternative Natural Green space)
  • Every 1000 new inhabitants, must have 1 hectare of walking space
  • Farnham Park has been used for most of Farnham SANG
  • Waverley 4 scenarios
  • 85% voted scenario 4
  • Waverley ignored this and went for scenario 1
  • Dunsfold park has been scaled back.  Scenario 1 is around 1400 homes.
  • This application immediately resolves the five year housing plan for Waverley.
  • This works in our favour, as we don’t NEED construction.  Bewley had been arguing their application should be accepted as Waverley needs housing.
  • The five year plan is a rolling plan, so would only be temporary resolution, but there is the hope that the NP will then come to our defence.
  • Dunsfold Park has a big issue with highways which is the block for scenario 4.  5000 homes would require huge road infrastructure investment, hence the target for less housing.  Far outweighs contribution from developer.
  • The defunct Waverley NP states the only area with real traffic problems are the junction of A31 / A325.
  • Scenario 1 :: Farnham has to take 2700 homes on greenfield.  Would need to find SANG for this in Farnham.
  • There is an application for 189 homes at Bells Piece, which is likely to get rejected.
  • The huge Aldershot development will push traffic through Farnham.  We expect Badshot Lea will become the rat run towards the A31.
  • Hampshire are investing in roundabout improvements to accommodate the increase in traffic.  Surrey aren’t as yet.  DLG commented that investment can’t happen until there is an approval with associated money.
  • DLG recommended we look at housing density as an argument and keep fighting.
  • Pushing for South Farnham as this would be > 5km from SPA (Caesars Camp) therefore no requirement for SANG.
  • MP stressed the requirement to include social housing on the developments, but no retirement housing.
  • Several residents agreed that they would like retirement housing in the village.
  • Retirement housing is not legislated – you cannot enforce this in a development.
  • CW asked residents to send in pictures of developments that they like and would be something acceptable in Badshot Lea.
  • Land Opposite cemetery
  • Rumour that this has been sold to a developer.
  • Unknown what will happen to this land.
  • Flooding at bridge in Lower Weybourne Lane
  • This has not been resolved.
  • Conduits built under the railway embankments, but these are not cleared out.
  • Three large pipes that should take water away towards Blackwater river are completely blocked.
  • Surrey County Council are buying sites (DLG)
  • For example, bought land for the new Guildford Fire Station, the old fire station will be developed for residential.

Nature Reserve and BioBlitz (Cliff)
• 2nd Saturday in each month at the nature reserve for a working party.
• People are encouraged to walk through there.
• Bat tunnel has been restored

Litter Pick
• Last one was in March
• Next one will be in October


  • Traffic Lights / crossing in centre
  • There are no plans.
  • Developers offer money for the crossroads, but highways do not ring-fence this for a specific area, it goes into the highways pot.
  • We believe developers and highways have now agreed that a green man / pedestrian crossing is possible.
  • DLG offered to arrange a meeting with Richard Cooper.

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