2014 AGM Minutes

Minutes of 2014 Badshot Lea Community Association AGM
Wednesday 25th June 2014
St. Georges Church Hall
Badshot Lea

Welcome Letter

Dear Members,

Welcome to the 4th Annual General Meeting of our Association.

We wish to report on the matters discussed by your committee and the progress made since out last AGM.  Many meetings have been held to discuss the issues arising in the village, mainly of course the matter of housing provision.

We wish to stress that at our meeting, our meetings with councillors and developers and at the public enquiry we have maintained a robust attitude in representing the best interests of our village.

Whilst we are all aware of the need to provide additional housing we also recognise the need to protect the character and wellbeing of the existing community.  With your support, we will continue to do this at every opportunity.

Badshot Lea Community Association

Welcome and Introduction by Mike Probert (MP), BLCA Chairman


Cllr Gillian Beel
Cllr David Attfield
Dave Woodwood (neighbourhood police)

No apologies received from Denise le Gal, Chris Storey or Mr Rickets (town councilor).  This is a good opportunity to listen to residents which they have chosen not to take.  BLCA will raise this with them.


Thanks to St Georges Church for the use of the hall and the support of BLCA.

Thanks to the committee for their hard work.  The committee actively meets with developers to understand the proposals for our village.  We are lucky to have within the committee an architect for advice, and also a member of the legal profession.

Thanks to Cliff Watts (Secretary), who has decided that the workload of Secretary and his significant involvement with developers and keeping on top of local developments was too much.  As such, James Hill will take over the Secretary role, allowing Cliff to maintain his focus on planning applications etc.

Thanks to the rest of the committee also.

BLCA is not just involved with development and is there for the good of the village in general.  The BLCA has an active involvement with the Nature Reserve and raising concerns with the local authority when necessary (for example, the local footpaths).

Adoption of 2013 AGM Minutes

The 2013 minutes were previously sent out via e-mail and have been available to view on the BLCA website.  Most people appear to have access to the website, however, those who have not read the minutes, can make themselves known and a copy will be made available.

Vote for adoption of the minutes

Unanimous vote to adopt minutes.

Election of Committee

The following members of the current committee are willing to stand for re-election;
Michael Blower (MB)
Paul Allamand (PA)
Gavin Lathey (GL)
Jenny Daniels (JD)
Emma Fox (EF)
Alan Flavell (AF)
James Hill (JH)
Cliff Watts (CW)

Question asked if the committee were looking at paths, reserve etc.  MP confirmed that this is being done by BLCA already.  A footpath map is on display at the AGM and will be made available on the website.  The Town Council has arranged litter picks, with involvement with Cliff Watts.  CW is also heavily involved with the nature reserve.  BLCA would encourage any one willing to help with the nature reserve to get involved.

Question asked about the fallen branches and poor state of trees around the pond.  MP stressed that the committee are all volunteers for the BLCA.  For issues like this, residents should e-mail the BLCA and we will take it up as required.

Anyone to join

Julie Flude emailed BLCA
Works at Farnham College and would like to get involved.
Julie confirms that she lives on Badshot Lea Road.

Vote for committee

Unanimous vote of the existing committee, plus the new member Julie Flude.
Review of past year and anticipate year ahead by Cliff Watts
Since last AGM, develops have been very active within Badshot Lea. 

Current Developer Activity

3 actual applications currently in

Land Opposite Swiftsure – Bewley Homes

Should have been decided a month or so ago.  Will be with Waverley Planning Committee on 23rd July – BLCA will continue to object.  There are approx. 240 objections registered with Waverley.  We have made it clear that the developer has not consulted with residents.
A resident stressed appreciation of the leaflet drop requesting residents submit their opinions on this development.

Little Acres

The developer contacted the BLCA within days of the previous application refusal to discuss.  BLCA has had one meeting, and expect another meeting soon.  The developer has contacted land owners either side of their land to coordinate a larger development that may meet the reasons for refusal.  It may give residents sway for extra amenities etc.

Land off Low Lane / St. Georges Road

Council were not happy with the flood report, which was unsurprising.  Within a zone 2 flood area, WBC wanted a more detailed report.  This issue is still on-going.  Current recommendation to the developer was to install double yellow lines around the development.  BLCA met with the highways authority and councillors to put forward the parking issue this creates.

Land at Runfold St. George

Application was refused last Friday on approximately the same grounds as the Little Acres application.  This is a good indication that we are not defenceless – this is an example of why the BLCA activity is so important.
Land to the South of Garden Centre

Land off St Georges Road (opposite Kiln)

Discussion with developers – confirm when this is..
Mathew Evans (head of planning, Waverley) has recommended meetings with us and developers to keep communications open.
Land off Green Lane (Weybourne)
Not within BLCA remit, but we expect this would have a big impact on traffic within Badshot Lea.

This results in up to 530 houses.  BLCA will meet Mathew Evans later this month and stress the need for the neighbourhood plan.  Once this is released, the NP is protection for Badshot Lea.  We will also demand stringent enforcement of the Protection Area.  Waverley, have been using Farnham Park as the open space within the 5km zone.  Current development means there are only 340 homes left for development within the area. 

Progress of Neighbourhood Plan

Farnham Town Council has sought legal advice regarding if Waverley are using the SPA directive appropriately.
The NP pushes Brown Field sites over and above greenfield (as per the national policy framework)
1800 houses proposed for Dunsfold and will come out in the consultation documents from Waverley.
Planning applications are reviewed in isolation, but do look at the total number of houses required.
A consultant has been bought in to progress the NP. 
Carole Cockburn has confirmed that they expect the NP to go into consultation next month.

A resident raised concern about the Survey whereby residents voted for development to the East of the village.  The resident, who lives near the Kiln area stressed that the population of Badshot Lea outweighs the people to the East and feels BLCA is unfairly accepting of development on this side of the village.  CW confirmed that some people will vote to keep development away from their homes.  GL confirmed that, having read all the returned surveys, some people living to the East of the village, actually voted for development to the East.  The BLCA takes the overall of the village – we cannot represent every single persons view.  BLCA took the results and followed through with the results, whether or not they were liked.

Tattenhall :: This village had part of the Neighbourhood plan taken to the high court and it was upheld.  The NP works, and it needs to be delivered.

Restoration of the Nature Reserve

Has been slowly handed back over the past year.  Hanson’s are to be completely clear of the site.  However, the heavy rainfall resulted in water level rising almost 2 meters over the anticipated level.  During quarrying, water was pumped out.  A331 concrete plant has had a planning application turned down as they have shut the quarry.  This is not being appealed.  As such, the whole site will become a nature reserve.  Pumping has restarted and they have reopened a channel to the Blackwater River.  By the end of September, the expectation is that the water level will have reached a natural level.  The river has been diverted back to its original route, and they have planted trees and plants along the boundaries.
The land around the lake is fenced off and CW stressed that this part of the nature reserve will not be open to the public. It is planned for this area to be grazed during the summer months.
There is a path through the open area of the site to a viewing mound and CW recommends taking this walk.
The land will be under the responsibility of the Blackwater Valley.
A resident stressed concern over the state of some of the paths in this area.  CW was going to raise this with Waverley.

Rugby Club / David Lloyd

BLCA has regular liaison meetings with the Rugby Club.
Parking was a problem, and has been solved on the whole.  There are agreements with the trading estates and schools.
The issue of light pollution remains.  BLCA worked with the councillors and the environment officer.  David Lloyd have since been asked to do something about the lights.
The Rugby club training pitch lights were an issue.  The club agreed that they would be adjusted if necessary.

Website Update

Website is working well and is linked with the BLCA Twitter account, and BLCA Facebook.
We received a grant from the Farnham Institute to fund the website for the next couple of years which was great news.
Please use the comments page, or e-mail the BLCA with anything that you think may be of use – BLCA may not be aware of everything going on in the village.  Please do let us know of any events coming up that you feel may be of interest.
11000 hits over the past two years which is great for a small community website.



MP stressed that BLCA tries to represent the village.  BLCA has not taken a NIMBY attitude to development and accept that some development is likely – indeed accepting that housing is generally required within Waverley.  The survey had a great response rate, and we have taken our guidance from these results.  The majority view is the view that the BLCA will take.  CW confirmed that BLCA is willing to take a fair share of the allocation to Farnham, but no more than the fair share.  Without the BLCA getting involved, we would likely be getting an unfair share.

Why is Badshot Lea subject to so much planned development?

61% of Waverley is greenbelt, and much of the rest has special status.  15% is already built on.  10% is not greenbelt or special status.  Much of this is in Badshot Lea.  In addition, many of the landowners are willing to sell – some have bought land with the expectation to sell to developers in future.

Great War

A book of the Great War and Badshot Lea was authored by a local resident (Maurice).  He is willing to publish this on the website.  BLCA will put this on the website.

Infant School

Vice chair of governors reports that there is a vacancy for a community governor.  The governors are critical for the school. 
Involves meetings with staff and leadership teams.  Meet about twice a term and visit the school during the day.
Please contact the school and ask to talk to Mrs. Weir or Kate Gilman.

Traffic Lights

Last year, it was reported there wasn’t the money to do them.  However, shortly afterwards, the lights were renewed.
At the enquiry of Little Acres, it was divulged that SCC were getting £186,000 from the developed for traffic and highways improvements within Badshot Lea.  The inspector confirmed it would be spent on the traffic lights.
During the Low Lane site meeting with Surrey Highways and County Councilors.  When questioned on the crossroads, it was confirmed that they have reviewed this, and don’t have a real answer for here, due to the delay to traffic.
There is no answer at the moment, but the crossroads continues to remain a priority for BLCA.


Despite rumours of a planning application, there is no known planning application for Sainsbury’s.

Local councillors on the planning committee include Carole Cockburn. 


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