Letter to Jeremy Hunt

Please find below a copy of a letter sent from the BLCA in March to our MP Jeremy Hunt.
We will publish a reply when we have one.

Dear Sir,

On Tuesday evening we attended a public consultation for a proposed development in Green Lane Weybourne for 120 homes. This is approximately 200 metres from another  application for 140 homes on Lower Weybourne Lane, Badshot Lea.

We also have applications for 50 homes at Little Acres and 30 homes in Low Lane, Badshot Lea, giving a total of  340 so far in a village of approximately 600 homes. We know there will be others in the near future.

The public anger with what is going on here was very evident at that nights consultation and we fully understand why. Over recent years we have taken an active role in the formulation of the Farnham Design Statement  and more recently the Neighbourhood Plan. We have also conducted our own village survey. Yet when it comes to upholding the fine words contained within these documents it seems that very little can be done.

It appears that this current frenzy of activity is instigated by the lack of a Local Plan and the disarray at Waverley. These are not our words but those of the developer at that nights meeting. He said they saw this situation as an opportunity and they were going to make use of it.

We understand that without an adopted Core Strategy and Local Plan the existing planning rules may well be challenged and found wanting by a Government Inspector. Is this what Localism was supposed to be? The local community have accepted that substantial additional housing is required and through our village survey have indicated where in the village these extra homes should go if `green field` development is required. We are not being Nimby about this.

However, we are very afraid that as far as Badshot Lea is concerned local development is being driven by commercial opportunism rather than the planning rules.

We would welcome your comments and support in trying to contain this anarchy at both national and borough level. We cannot find anywhere within the NPPF that upholds the destruction of existing communities.

Cliff Watts
Badshot Lea Community Association

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