2013 AGM Minutes

Minutes of AGM
24th September 2013


Approximately 60 people attended the meeting including councillor David Attfield (DA), PC Dave Woodrow, PCSO John Francis and guest speaker councillor Carole Cockburn. The full BLCA committee of Mike Probert (MP), Michael Blower (MB), Paul Allamand (PA), Gavin Lathey (GL) Allan Flavell (AF) James Hill (JH) and Cliff Watts (CW) were also present.

Apologies were received from: Councillor Gillian Beel, Rev. Alan Crawley and PCSO Martin Porter.  

1. Introduction

The Chairman Mike Probert welcomed all present and outlined what would be covered during the evening. He explained that as the constitution stated that the Chairman must be re elected every three years we would need to deal with this before the meeting could proceed.

2. Election of Officers

Mike Probert was proposed and seconded. There was no opposition to his re election therefore a vote was taken and he was duly re elected as Chairman.

Committee Members:
The names of current committee members: Michael Blower, Gavin Lathey, Paul Allamand, Alan Flavell, James Hill and Cliff  Watts,  were read out individually giving the opportunity for anybody to oppose their re election.  There was no opposition therefore a vote was taken and the aforementioned members were re elected.

Two new members, Jenny Daniels and Emma Fox, were also proposed and seconded and duly elected on to the committee.

The chairman (MP) thanked John Simmons, Georgie Fry and Chrissie Cole, who were not standing for re election, for their contribution during the year. 

Adoption of 2012 AGM Minutes

The secretary (CW) explained that the minutes of the 2012 AGM had been circulated via our email list, had been hand delivered to our members without email, and been placed on our website in June 2012.  There were also copies available at the meeting. The minutes were duly proposed and adopted by the meeting.

Two households made it known to the secretary that they had not received their hard copy of the minutes. He confirmed that they were on the list and assured them that they would not be missed in future.

Update to Constitution

The members had been advised that an update to the constitution was thought to be necessary. Under the Membership section it was proposed the sentence `All voting members must be at least 16 years of age` would be altered to read as follows:

All members should be at least 16 years of age and be prepared to declare any personal interest in any debate when appropriate.

This was agreed by all those present.

Introduction of new PCSO

John Francis our new PCSO was introduced to the meeting. John explained that he has worked in the Farnham area, mainly around Frensham and Dockenfield, for the past three years so was familiar with Farnham and its surrounding villages.

He said that he had been involved with the introduction of the `Immobilize` system whereby households listed and described any valuable items on the `Immobilize` website. The information did not include the households address. In the event of a burglary the system enabled the police to be quickly aware of all of the missing items, aiding them in their search and recovery of the stolen goods. He strongly recommended the system.

John also informed the meeting that Farnham Police Station would be closing shortly and that a local police office would be set up in the Fire Station. However, there would be no public access on the new site. 

Review of the Last Year

The secretary explained that this last year had been particularly busy for the Association, involving responding to a number of planning applications, meetings with Waverley Borough Council and Farnham Town Council, the Rugby Club liaison group and the Quarry Restoration team. We also conducted our Village Survey.

The planning applications, involving the Little Acres site and land opposite Swiftsure on Lower Weybourne Lane, were opposed as they did little or nothing to enhance our neighbourhood and were seen as piecemeal developments around our village.

Our meetings with the planners at Waverley, and the Neighbourhood Planning team on Farnham Town Council, were to ensure that they were aware of the wishes of our community. We made it clear that although we accept the need for Badshot Lea to expand we wanted to avoid any new development reducing the quality of life for the existing residents. The meetings proved to be very useful and, we hope, will produce some positive outcomes that will be evident in the final version of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The secretary explained that the success of our village survey, with 200 responses, gave us some very valuable information that we were able to use in our meetings with WBC and particularly in our discussions on the Neighbourhood Plan. No other part of the Farnham Town area had sought the opinions of their residents.    

Guest Speaker

The guest speaker, Councillor Carole Cockburn, gave an update on the current position regarding the progress of Farnham Town Councils Neighbourhood Plan (NP). She explained:

– The Planning Documents from Waverley BC to support the NP would not be in place for another 18 months, leaving us more vulnerable during this period.

– The NP can be formed before Waverley’s Core Strategy (CS).

– The NP team is now gathering feedback on the current draft of the NP. They are still   gathering local views on Farnhams future with reply postcards distributed to encourage people to respond.

– The Farnham area is required to take 430 new homes on `green field` sites over the 15 year review period.

– Farnham can accommodate this number of homes but we must decide where they should go.

– The Thames Basin Special Protection Area (SPA) is important to us as we are in the 5km protection zone.

– There should be no `green field` development within the SPA whilst there are `brown field` sites available.
– There are a number of `brown field` sites around the town including redundant offices and other unused commercial areas.

– In her discussions with Matthew Evans, Head of Planning at WBC, Matthew had stated that there was no need for massive `green field` development in Badshot Lea.

– Site Allocations and designated Wild Areas will be part of the next draft of the NP.

–    A full consultation, inspection and referendum on the NP will take place in 2014.

The Chairman thanked Councillor Cockburn for the work she is doing on the Neighbourhood Plan and for this evenings update.


As there was no AOB the Chairman duly closed the meeting.

Cliff Watts
Badshot Lea Community Association

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