Badshot Lea’s Future Survey Results Statement

Badshot Lea Community Association Survey 2013

Summary of Results

In mid January the Association delivered around 670 surveys to the residents and businesses of Badshot Lea. It can still be viewed on our website We are very pleased to be able to report that we had exactly 200 completed surveys returned.  This in itself shows the great interest and depth of feeling that our local residents have for our village.

The survey gave local residents the opportunity state their views on some major issues of current village life, and how the village might grow over the next fifteen years. This information would then be used as the basis of our input into Farnham Town Councils Neighbourhood Plan. 

The first section listed 13 items under the headings of Traffic Management, Heritage, Services and Amenities, with people able to indicate how important each item was, from Not Important to Vital. The results indicated that pedestrian safety and improving traffic management at the crossroads together with retaining the School and Village Hall were seen as the most important items/areas.  A continuous footpath alongside the Garden Centre to the railway bridge, improving the bus service, additional off road parking, introduction of a 20 mph Zone and managing traffic in Low Lane were seen as fairly important. Whilst extending the cemetery, a village shop, allotments and additional sports pitches were not seen as important to the future of the village. 

The second section explained that it might be necessary, as dictated by Waverley Borough Councils Core Strategy, that some `green field` development might be required around the village. It then went on to ask, if this were necessary, where within/around the village should this development occur. Seven sites were listed and respondents were asked to indicate their preferences.

The result primarily indicated that many people were against large scale development due to the problems highlighted in the first section of the survey ie. the problems with traffic and the danger for pedestrians at the crossroads. These same problems also featured prominently in the comments and how they had affected peoples prioritisation of the sites. Many of the comments also mentioned the lack of school places and the need for off road parking as reasons to oppose any large scale development.  In other words it was felt that the lack of adequate infrastructure and the Victorian legacy of narrow roads, terraced housing and inadequate `off street` parking were very serious impediments to any large scale growth within the village.

Despite all the reservations outlined above people did indicate where their preferences for expansion of the village should occur if it were necessary. The result did not indicate any individual sites. However, it did indicate that the area to the southeast of the village, off St.Georges Road, should be the first to be considered.

There can be little doubt that some people prioritised the sites furthest from their own homes, but overall this was not the case. Keeping traffic away from the crossroads, maintaining the gap between Weybourne and Badshot Lea, poor drainage and keeping wildlife corridors open were cited as some of the reasons behind their preferred options.

The committee will now feed this valuable information back to the Neighbourhood Planning team at Farnham Town Council, and try to ensure that the wishes of the residents of Badshot Lea are known and fully understood and incorporated within the plan.

Badshot Lea Community Association

12th March 2013

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